Fraeya’s Adventure Trail

Embark on a noble Viking quest for the mighty goddess Fraeya! Follow her cryptic clues to gather the secret codes hidden all around the IOAC campus and fill your card in! Great fun for all the family to enjoy, both young Viking Explorers and older ones too! Will you answer Fraeya’s call? She is waiting!

Prior booking not required, explore whenever suits you! €5 per person.

What3Words Adventure Trail

Where technology meets the outdoors!! You’ll need a mobile phone for this one! A great adventure awaits as you input the secret three-word combinations from your card into the free-to-download What3Words app! See exactly on your screen where the next clue is and navigate your way around, collecting a code at each point! Harness the power of satellites this summer! Fun for all the family to enjoy, and a great way to experience the whole IOAC campus!

Prior booking not required, explore whenever suits you! €5 per person.

Viking Faerie Adventure Zone

This area is especially for our younger Viking explorers at the IOAC!  Those naughty Viking Faeries get into all sorts of mischief!  And they have all left their mark in our wooded wonderland, here at the IOAC!  Come and discover Bjorn’s sunken boat that this naughty Faerie got stuck in the mud!  Cross Trudie’s Troll Bridge and on to Olaf’s Oak Tower, where you can play.  That Faerie Hagrid is always in trouble, so discover her hideout where she hopes the goddess Fraeya can’t find her!  You and you friends can tell stories at Soren’s Storytime Square and finally discover Lagertha’s Lair, where she is known to plot and scheme for more tricks and mischief! 

Our Viking Faerie Zone is a play area for younger adventurers, free for our residents, where they can have fun, fill their imaginations and experience the outdoors in these tranquil woods!  But always be on the lookout for those Faeries!!  If you are really quiet, you might even see one!

This is a free area to our residents.